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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 8, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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a dangerous, tricky terrain. back to you, greta. >> thank you. and thanks for joining us tonight. i just put a special question up on gretawire for you. go read it, answer it. we'll see you tomorrow night, good night. . >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> [shouting] >> bill: two christian activists attacked at a gay rally in seattle. the situation gets out of hand. why does this kind of thing continue to happen? we'll have a special report. >> very difficult bill to pass because there is a lot of moving parts. and for legislative process can be ugly. >> strike over immigration reform also very apparent within the republican party. how will the g.o.p. solve this huge problem? we will tell you. >> the law as written probably can't work. >> i think the whole thing may collapse. >> bill: brit hume says obama care may be dead on
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arrival. mr. hume will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the era of bad feelings. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. all over the country, americans are attacking other americans over political issues. on sunday, june 30th in seattle, two christian activists showed up at a gay pride rally holding signs saying repent or else and jesus saves from sin. the two men were attacked. >> that's a big [bleep] if i were you i would [bleep] [shouting] >>
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[screaming] seattle police have arrested two men, the fat guy who was slugging him and i think that's the guy, well, i shouldn't say, this one of the men arrested has nine felonies, nine on his rap sheet. now, obviously this is very disturbing, yes, the christians were looking to be provocative, but, that's no excuse for violence. if gays really want to be proud, they will overlook criticism like that. on another political issue, tensions are also rising. immigration reform has divided mucks. in favor, marco rubio, john mccain orrin hatch, general and george w. bush against rand paul, mitch mcconnell, ted cruz, limbaugh and sarah palin. >> i think it's important
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to fix a broken system. treat people with respect. have confidence in our capacity to assimilate people. it's a very difficult bill to pass because there is a lot of moving parts. and, the legislative process is -- can be ugly. and but it looks like they are making some progress. >> now, talking points believes that immigration reform will pass this year. i also think the senate bill can be made much better by the house of representatives. loopholes need to be closed and border security should be paramount in the new law. but if you're gonna oppose any kind of work legalization for millions of illegal aliens. you're going to lose. majority of americans understand that the immigration chaos is partially the government's fault. we could have secured the southern border a long time ago, but the feds wouldn't do it. and we certainly can pro-prosecute people who oversay their visas. again, the justice department doesn't care. the bitterness over immigration does the
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republican party no good at all. fair minded americans do not want unfair policies. so, immigration must be dealt with in a disciplined, but humane manner. now, as far as the far left loons you saw running wild in seattle. there is little hope for them. beating people up because you disagree with them is a crime. the far left in america continues to damage this country. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, more chaos on the obama care front as you may know. the president has put often forcing obama care mandates for american business until 2015. and late friday deep into the fourth of july holiday, the obama administration announces it will not verify the incomes of individuals asking for obama care subsidies. that, of course, is madness and would lead to massive fraud. today, the feds backed out a little bit and they said well, maybe some kind of verification might happen, but you can see how screwed up this whole thing is.
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joining us now from washington a man who sees big trouble ahead for obama care, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. what's the biggest problem so far with this? >> you just touched on it, it's the seeming inability of the administration to get this thing imflemented. let's not forget that lost month the government accountability office looked at the exchanges, which is one of the principle vehicles through which insurance will be dispensed under obama care and they're supposed to be, you know, one in every state either set up by the state or the federal government. the gao says -- looked to it as if they might not be ready on time. they are supposed to be ready in october for people to start signing up. if they are not ready and the employer mandate isn't in effect, that leaves obama care in a well-behind-schedule for its implementation for as much as a year or more. it looks as if this thing is so unwieldy they can't get it going. biggest thing they face right now. long standing popularity. >> bill: i have always believed that this is --
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the obama care legislation is an income redistribution ploy. that's why it was supported by the left and president obama embraced it so much that 20 million americans or 30 million -- i forget what the number is -- who don't have insurance, many of those people just don't have any money. so you are basically giving them free insurance that brit hume, bill o'reilly and everybody else is paying through their tax receipts. giving them free insurance. but now comes word i love. this they sneak it out like we're not going to get it on monday? do they think we are not going to see this we can't really verify obama care. so that anybody who applies for this subsidy, the free insurance can pretty much get it even if they are making $800,000 a year. and i'm going to myself: this is insane. am i wrong? >> well, no. you are not wrong. and, you know, i think they were always going to have to rely to some extent on
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the say so of the applicants. remember, too, bill, one of the problems they are having is now that they have postponed the employer mandate, the easiest way for them to know which employers are providing insurance and which are not is gone, at least for a full year after this program is supposed to start. that means that when people apply for and obama care subsidy, one of the requirements is that you not be getting insurance already through your employer. well, the easiest way to verify that is now gone. so, in addition to the problems they may have verifying income eligibility, they also have problems verifying the question of whether the employer is providing insurance or not, so that's another problem. >> bill: if you strip it away, anybody who applies for subsidies, nobody is getting obama care under their employers until 2015. that comes off the table. >> no. no the employers are not required. a lot of people -- look, you and i have it through the company we work for. we will continue to have it.
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>> bill: we have insurance coverage. >> brit: that's what the employers are required to furnish to at least businesses with 50 or more employees. >> bill: that will be it. but the ones that are not involved, okay, they are off the table now for years. so you can walk in and basically say, hey, i don't really have any insurance. can you give it to me because i don't have any money. and if nobody is going to verify your income, you could have, as i said, a lot of money and who is going to know? the irs might get involved. i guess they are going to stop auditing the conservatives and take a look at this. recommendation eventually they would be able to find out through the tax returns and the tax system and they would have to go back after this. look, let's not forget another problem here. this employer mandate applies to companies with 50 or more employees. that means that a lot of companies are going to make sure that they don't have 50 full time employees. >> bill: that's hurting the employment. >> it's going it hurt hiring, bound to. because that's a perverse incentive for hiring.
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and similarly going it hurt people looking for full-time work and finding because of obama care they can only get part-time work. this will tend to be a drag on hiring which is the last thing a nation with 7.5% or more people -- >> bill: that's why he they're put it off to 2015. hire people and that's why they did it? >> i suppose. i think also the thing with -- i think legitimately they couldn't get it going. it raises the question whether they will ever be able to. this law is extremely unwieldy and complex, bill. they are having a terrible time with it. >> bill: that's for sure. brit hume, everybody. next on the run down the judge in the zimmerman murder trial says the jury can hear about trayvon martin's drug use. we will have the latest. actor lamar burton says black americans continue to be under pressure all over the u.s.a. those reports after these those reports after these hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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>> bill: this in the impact segment tonight, the latest in the george zimmerman murder trial as you may know trayvon martin's mother testified it was her teenage son screaming for help on the 911 call. but today the lead police investigator in the case told the jury that trayvon's father said it wasn't his son on the tape. also, a variety of zimmerman supporters said it was the accused murder irer who was crying for help, a mess, right? finally the judge has ruled that the jury can hear about traces of marijuana being in trayvon martin's system at the time of his death. joining us now from washington, fox news contributors mary katharine ham and juan williams. so, juan, is the case all about race and, if so, are you seeing bad things if zimmerman is acquitted? >> yeah, of course it's all about race. it's been all about race from the start. remember when the media, i think, unfirly libeled zimmerman making him out to be some, you know, kkk guy who has profiled trach
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martin right from the start. described him to police played with the tape to make that happen. and i think right now it's sad to me because i think the media now is playing for the most primitive racial division. conservative posted to back zimmerman. liberals are supposed to back trayvon martin. i think it's become like for them you know o.j. simpson rodney king redo. and the second part of your question already you see that in sanford, florida religious leaders, civic leaders are now having to go out and hold meetings with the community trying it say don't have a riot if somehow, you know, zimmerman is acquitted of this crime. >> bill: what do you think mary katharine? do you think bad things are going to happen if zimmerman is acquitted. >> i pray that they don't. i am glad there is civic leaders involved and on this issue. i do think that when you have the entire media really jump to make this a racial more rattle play from the very beginning.
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>> bill: how is the media doing that? juan cited a couple of bogus things that came out of nbc news doctored tapes that made zimmerman look like a racist in the very beginning of the case. >> right. >> bill: we exposed this here. how does the media continue to make this all about race and not justice? >> i think from the very beginning, when they referred to it as a very simple frankly white and black issue, when that was not the case for zimmerman certainly, he was raised in a multiracial household. so a lot more complicated than what they first presented. i think once they went in hard on that narrative, they sort of had to back it up as we went along and media reports referring to zimmerman as a white hispanic, whatever that means. so, the problem is when you make something into a national conversation about race in this country, it's pretty likely you are actually not going to be having much of a conversation because it becomes on its face racist to examine the facts and bring up the fact of zimmerman's upbringing or what have you. then you get to the
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situation where we have a reasonable doubt system. and it is not necessarily going to come down in exactly the way that the media decided and everyone decided it should from the very beginning. >> bill: what happens, mary katharine if the man is acquitted. the reportage last week across the board, not only on the fox news channel but on the other news agencies as well said the prosecution presented a weak case. i didn't hear anybody say the prosecution presented a strock case, i didn't hear anybody. and today you get the 911 thing just devastated, just thrown out because the mother, trayvon martin's mother was an effective witness last week and now today it's all gone because the number of people said oh, no, no, no, it was zimmerman's voice and the father and all of this. so, if the prosecution did present a weak case and that again, is the consensus of the media following it, even the liberal media. >> yes. >> and he does get acquitted mary katharine, are you expecting people to run out and cause trouble? >> i think some people will react emotionally. i think it's been
8:17 pm
emotionally charged from the beginning and part of that is the way it was portrayed by the media from the very beginning. part of it is also a general wish grievance. >> bill: possibility for damage to be done to the fabric of the nation. if this verdict comes in as an acquittal. if it comes in as guilty, i don't think there is going to be any violence. think think there will be people that will be angry. >> let me say the damage done to the fabric of the country by the way the media has portrayed it and the way it's been handled. you know, look, if my kid walks up to your house, bill o'reilly and some guy says oh, i saw a black kid walking up to bill o'reilly's house so i shot him, you would be like what is going on here? if a black guy shot a white kid, and they said oh, the kid was carrying skittles and ice tea you know what these punks get away with it all the time. forget who was on top of who and who was punching who. why was a guy with a gun deciding he had to it act violently with a teen with
8:18 pm
an ice tea. >> bill: you have to buy into the six women sitting there are going to do the right thing based upon the evidence and their convictions of what -- >> -- you have to pray. it's an all white -- i think it's five whites and one hispanic on that jury. it's kind of odd to me. but so be it. you have to hope. it just seems to me there is something crazy here when this black kid unarmed not hurting anybody gets shot and killed. >> bill: you are almost fueling the potential violence here by saying that. >> i'm not. >> bill: you are. let the facts be presented and the jurors decide, go ahead, mary katharine. >> i was going to say i do think part of the emotion comes from the fact that there are genuine grievances with the black community with the justice system. black men are arrested for main use far higher rates than white people even though the usage rates are the same. there is some of that comes from that i don't think this is the way to actually address those by turning this into a situation that becomes tainted by race at every turn.
8:19 pm
both of you feel that there is a strong violence if acquittal comes down. we have to now the media try to tamp that down starlight now. next on the run down, actor lamar burton says race is a major factor in the u.s.a. and in the lives of for instance and not in a good way. later, bernie goldberg and adam carolla will both opine on the factor. opine on the factor. we're coming right back. oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work,
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as for instance see the trayvon martin george zimmerman situation and life in general. joining us from los angeles actor lamar burton. are you following the trial closely mr. burton. >> i'm following it not closely.
8:23 pm
i don't watch the trial daily. i get a daily update through my twitter feed and other news sources. >> any preconceived opinions on it? >> on the outcome of the trial? >> yeah. on the situation? i mean, you just heard. >> the process. >> you just heard juan say that it disturbs him that the whole thing was in motion thatten a unarmed black man who just out for a soda and candy winds up dead. >> um-huh. >> those are the kind of perceptions that can cause angst if a verdict comes in that is an acquittal. you know that. >> that's part of the tragedy of this case that a young man unfessly lost his life. no matter, you know, what the verdict says, there is a young kid who is dead. and did it really need to come to that. >> bill: it didn't. it didn't need to come to. but now we have to see that the person who shot -- >> -- we have to see if the system works. >> bill: it's more profound than thanks we he have to see if the system works. >> bill: it's more profound than that. is the man guilty of murder
8:24 pm
because that's what he is charged with. >> yeah. >> bill: if is he acquitted, you as an friend and an intelligent guy, if zimmerman verdict comes out not guilty by the jury, do you know what your reaction is going to be? >> i don't. no. i didn't know what my reaction to the oj zherdev verdict was going to be. there have -- there have been many, many when i have been surprised. >> bill: what is borrow yoction when he was acquitted? >> i was really surprised. i did not see that coming. >> bill: did you think justice was done in the case? >> i have no idea of knowing. >> so you were neutral on that and you were just surprised that he got -- >> -- it was a very -- it was a very -- it was a very shocking moment. i mean, i think no matter what your expectations were, the idea that you had seen the progression from
8:25 pm
the slow speed chase through all of the courtroom drama and to have been up against those odds to say not guilty was a big surprise. >> bill: yeah, and the evidence was overwhelming against simpson and the civil trial pointed that out. so, it was interesting. so, you, right now, don't know if zimmerman is found not guilty and that doesn't mean he is innocent. not guilty means that the state has not met its burden in proving that there was murder. again, this is the sophisticated thing that i think is being lost on a lot of people. all right. you made some provocative comments on a news network about driving while being black. driving while being black. and you said -- >> -- why was what i said provocative? >> white people understand. i don't understand. i was pulled over by a black cop a few weeks ago. he obviously didn't like me and gave me a nice big ticket even though i had a pretty good excuse for what
8:26 pm
i was doing. that was all right. i was wrong. i took the ticket. i didn't feel threatened in any way. i picked up the vibe that he is not a big factor fan. but you, on the other hand, when you are pulled over, you feel -- >> -- the difference between you and me, bill, is that and i may well get to a very pleasant exchange with an officer once he approaches the car. the difference between when you get stopped and when i get stopped is i want to make sure that that time between when the officer leaves his car and approaches mine that he is as relaxed as possible. >> bill: that the officer is as relaxed as possible? >> that the is officer is as relaxed as possible. >> bill: why do you want to make sure he was relaxed? because that didn't pop into my brand. what popped into my brain i will explain why i did this and he will understand. it wasn't that i want him to be relaxed. why do you want him to be relaxed? >> because, because i live in a country and in a culture where it can sometimes be dangerous to be a young black male.
8:27 pm
the sta statistics are overwhelming some aspects of crime. overrepresentation of our prison population of young men of color. it's just -- it is historically dangerous to be a young black man in america. and it's no different for me than it is for, you know, for anyone. my age and race. >> bill: i understand that does the fact that reported crime, not convicted crime, reported crime so overwhelmingly tilts toward friend men mitigate this that reported crime. mostly by other for instance, all for for african-americans. dot that mitigate anything. >> i don't believe it does. you have to look at the it
8:28 pm
culture which this bias is held. you have to look at the imagery of the culture and what the popular culture has turned out in terms of the representations of people of color. look, whenever you have majority population, and, you know, the united states of america is in the middle of a huge shift in terms of the makeup of its population, racially whch you have a majority population. the majority is always going to set the rules. and it -- and our case black people have traditionally pa bit actually, institutionally been disenfranchised and targets of law enforcement more than any other group. >> bill: i have to run. i want to talk to you about this again. i want you to do research for me. i think it's a fact that proportionally young black men commit far more crimes than any other group in this country. i think that's what is driving all of this fear on both sides. mr. burton, very good
8:29 pm
conversation. >> um. >> bill: we will pick it up. >> we will talk again, bill. we will talk again. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. jim carrey apologizes to gun owners for the comments. adam carolla has thoughts. putting leisure activities putting leisure activities ahead of serious issues. [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far. [ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? mmmm, nice car. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ]
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segment tonight, the terrible air crash in san francisco two killed and 200 others injured after asiana flight from south korea crash landed at the san francisco airport. right now it looks like pilot error as the korean based airline had a pilot with scant experience on the 777 in command of the aircraft. joining us now from san francisco the chairman of the national transportation safety board debra hersman. i know you are investigating and you have got to be careful about what you say or aviation experts we talked to believe it is pilot error because a lot of planes are coming and going without incident at san francisco that day and the video shows that the plane was going down. we already knew the speed was too late. too slow and all of that. what i want to know is how does the countries train their pilots properly train their properly. >> the federal aviation administration is responsible for safety
8:34 pm
oversight in the united states. all around the world to make sure that they also are overseeing their companies and their crews particularly those that fly into the united states on passenger carrying flights. >> bill: send people to seoul, south korea and to paris, france and to africa to look at how the pilots are trained, to look at how the planes are maintained? do you do that? >> well, the federal aviation administration is responsible. the ntsb investigates accidents where a separate organization. but the faa does have in country experts and some countries and they may send people to travel to other countries. but they do have to work with their counterparts to make sure standards are upheld. >> bill: sure i'm wondering what the oversight is in the faa and your agency to make sure these guys know what they are doing. let me give you an example, i flew in the 1990s on air
8:35 pm
vietnam most harrowing experience, ducks walking up and down the plane. it was crazy. i would never get on another vietnam plane back then. i'm sure they have upgraded now it was a dangerous experience. the salvadorian airline during the salvadorian war was crazy some didn't even have radar. when i see a plane crash like this and the guy didn't have much experience on the 7777 even though there were four pilots, weighs in command, that makes me nervous. >> well, i think in all of these accidents we have to look at all of the facts before we reach conclusions. it's just been a couple of days. we do know a lot about the flight from the cockpit voice recorder. the flight data recorder. it is important for us to look at pilot qualifications that's going to be a part of our investigation. we conduct very thorough investigations and our team is actually in the process of interviewing those pilots today. >> bill: you don't have any sway over what south korea does. that's my point here. now, on the front of these
8:36 pm
planes coming into the u.s.a., do the pilots have to all speak english, right? they all have to speak english, correct? >> sure. and just to go back, the faa does have some sway. they have to get operating authority to come into the united states. they have to meet certain standards to do that. >> bill: but nobody knows if they do or not. that's my point. but the english, let's stay on that. all the pilots have to speak english, right? >> english is the universal language when it comes to aviation. all pilots around the world and air traffic controllers do communicate in english in order to have that commercial operations. >> bill: because i know on the voice recordered there is korean on that recorder as well as english. is there not? >> that's right. when the crew is talking to each other, they may be talking in their native language. when they are talking to air traffic control, those communications are required to be in english. >> bill: all right. terrible thing.
8:37 pm
and you know, there is nothing we can do. flight safety record in the united states is being excellent so we want everybody to know that don't panic. i just wanted to find out the oversight of the rest of the world. appreciate you coming on tonight. we know you had a busy day. bernie goldberg said president obama and secretary of state kerry was goofing around when ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. criticism by some in the media that secretary of state and president obama were involved with trivial pursuits instead of play paying attention to the blow up in egypt. >> i don't know how this happened it was terrible optics. the next day the president goes golfing and secretary kerry is out on his yacht. what does that say to young people in egypt across the middle east part of the debate about america's interest in the region? >> bill: is that criticism justified? joining us now from north carolina the purveyor of bernard about mr. goldberg. we have eaten this before not only in president obama with bush the younger, dwight eisenhower golfing, while the sof soviets are moving across poland whatever. justified? >> i think the analysis that you just played is absolutely correct. the optics are terrible.
8:42 pm
the president of the united states of america is playing golf in short pants and a polo shirt while one of the most important countries in the arab world is unraveling, yeah, that's a bad picture. but, i don't think those optics were a mistake as bad as they were. i don't think it was mistake. president obama was sending a message to president morsi and the message was, i never liked you, i don't like you now. in many ways you are worse than mubarak, the dictator that you succeeded and playing golf says: i am not going to lift a finger. i'm not going to say a word publicly that will save you from being thrown out. so i think that's one strong possibility. the second one has absolutely nothing to do with diplomacy or politics. and it's pretty simple, bill. i think it may actually be the real reason. president obama just lane likes playing golf. i don't think it's possible that he is going to say i'm
8:43 pm
not going to let some crisis in cairo interrupt my golf dame game especially on a long holiday weekend. >> bill: kerry likes his yacht out in nantucket. they like their leisure time. they work hard. they are entitled to it however, however, when you get a president who whose management style is under fire and it is, certainly, i was talking to mort zuckerman the publisher of the new york daily news not a conservative newspaper about the president's management style. and the message he sends not just to the egyptians but to kind of the world is, you know what? ah, it doesn't really matter, it just doesn't matter. >> i think you are absolutely right. i mean, he really does lead from behind. that's why the optics are so bad. i'm not sure that whether he was on the golf course or in the situation room of the white house would have
8:44 pm
made one bit of difference on the ground. >> bill: it wouldn't have. >> on the ground. but, it doesn't look good and it sends a message that we don't care enough about what happens in your country that i'm going out to play golf. so, it doesn't look good for the president. i want to get back to the fact that i don't think it was an accident. i don't think optics are necessarily an accident when it's at that level. i think he was saying i'm aloof and i am not getting involved in this one. don't forget, a lot of critics have said over the past year or so that president obama never spoke out publicly about the excesses of president morsi. so now that it hits the fan and it's going south, you think he's to be in the middle of that? he would rather be out on the golf course than in the middle of that. >> bill: i think it's more than just egypt though. it looks to me and this is pure speculation. it looks to me that the president says, you know what? i won twice. i don't have to run again.
8:45 pm
i'm going to do what i want. if i want to play golf while morsi is, you know, in some dirty cell in cairo, i don't care. i think you are right. he doesn't care about morsi. play a little golf. because, what's it to me? >> let me tweak that just a little bit. i think this is somebody who wanted very badly to be president of the united states. but i don't think he likes having to do the job of president of the united states. that's sort of a drag, you know? i mean, you have got to do all this stuff that a guy like obama doesn't really like. i think he really is too cool for school very much of the time. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right, bernie goldberg, everybody. carolla on deck. jim carrey apologizing to gun owners, and the latest politically correct campaign breast milk. carolla on the way. ♪ take me into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. roll with carolla. as you may remember a few months ago actor jim carrey insulted the late actor charlton hesitate stolen and gun owners in general ♪ heston movies are no longer in demand ♪ soul man lay forever in the fan ♪ the angels wouldn't take him up to heaven like he planned ♪ because they couldn't pry that gun from his cold dead hand ♪ >> bill: on sunday mr. carrie apologized on twitter saying, quote, assault rifle fans i do not agree with you nor do i fear you but i do love you. and i'm sorry that in my outrage i called you names. that was wrong, unquote. joining us now from los angeles, the always compassionate adam carolla. so are you forgiving
8:50 pm
mr. carrey? >> well, yeah. but a couple of things. first of o, he is canadian, right? >> bill: yes. >> like he wasn't even born here. what if we just sent larry the cable guy to winnipeg to bug the crap out of canadians? how fast would they get sick of that? now, we have all these world travelers like bono. of travelers, like bono, they come up here and beat up on the country and our principles and they should just go back from where they came. number one. number two, carey is making a point of how responsible rifle owners are in that no one has attempted to shoot him. think about it. nobody has taken a shot at the guy, which means -- >> that would be an over -- that would be an overreaction, carolla. and let me stick up for my pal, bono. he's not an america basher.
8:51 pm
he's let's give peace a chance, give everybody vaccinations. carey is an interesting guy. this twitter apology came out of nowhere. it's not like he has a movie well. his career not going that well anymore, but he apologizes, i think it's a career move. >> well, look, he's definitely got guts, because if i want to go after someone, i would go after someone with feather dusters, not the folks that own assault rifles, but i do mean the fact that he's calling them irresponsible and that the fact that no one has ever taken a shot at them makes their argument. maybe they are more responsible than he's saying. >> you know this alisha silverstone actress, she's a vegan and very active with dieting. her big movie was "clueless." roll it. >> like to see you have a little bit of direction. >> i have direction.
8:52 pm
>> yeah. toward the mall, which reminds me, where is your report card. >>ith not ready yet. >> what do you mean? >> i know how you say never accept a first offer, so i figure these dwrads are a jumping off point to start negotiations. >> i think she was eating a piece of celery, but not sure. ms. silverstone wants to set up a vegan breast milk bank called "kind mama milk share" and she has a 2-year-old son named bear blue, and she wants to have vegan breast milk available to vegan moms, and you say? >> you know who made the first deposit? michael moore. >> he's a vegan? he can't be a vegan. 400 pound. >> let me tell you something, that tofu is very high in calories.
8:53 pm
>> he's not a vegan. >> little known fact. michael moore. look it up. >> number one, he's a man, and he doesn't have breast milk. number two, you are making it up, he's not a vegan. but just in general, is this a good thing? it seems to be on paper. >> well, first off, i would love her -- i would love to give her a list of all the people she disagreed with and probably hates that were breast fed like me and you and probably get her off to this and on the formula pretty quick. the real victim here, bill -- >> who is the real victim, carolla? >> you want to join the ranks? the usually victims are these nut jobs husband who's go oh, dear, god, sweetie, no. what happened to the girl from the aerosmith video? what is going on? >> bear blue. adam carolla. got her mixed up with the
8:54 pm
2-year-old. "factor" tip of the da [ male announcer ] let's say you had an accident. and let's say you bought cut rate insurance and you weren't covered. oh, and your car is a time machine. [ beeping ] ♪ would you go back to when you got that less than amazing policy and go with esurance instead? well, they do have tools like coverage counselor to help you choose the coverage that fits you. it's like insurance from the future.
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investigate the irs scandal, what can be done about it? the congress has to get involved. tyranny, gets more onnerous every day, who doesn't get this? the media, john. scott, aurora, colorado. i used to live in aurora. your thoughts on the swimming baby are ridiculous. clearly the party put a lot of training into teaching the baby to swim. they know best. philip, lehighton, pennsylvania. i'm a lifeguard and swimming instructor. i agree with you 100%, o'reilly. adults should be in the water when babies and toddlers are in the water. completely correct, phil. no exceptions. kingsly, pennsylvania. bill, we got a tickets to see you in jacksonville on october 12th. we'll be in nashville the day before, friday, october 11th. in vegas at caesar's palace on
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